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School Leadership Training in San Francisco (USA)

The Transformative Leadership for Equity and Excellence Program is an initiative of the San Francisco School District (USA). The project, which supports and develops new school leaders, had a challenge: presenting the participants' curriculum and journey in a clear and engaging way, highlighting the Social Justice component.

Florens was responsible for analyzing the program structure, suggesting recommendations for improvement and developing powerful presentation materials. As a result, the SF team was able to easily conduct Onboarding processes for new participants and also leverage the initiative's fundraising.

Workshop for
Design in the Age
of Climate (USA)

Neol connects organizations and talents so that major challenges can be solved collaboratively. The platform needed support for an ideation workshop for a course in Service Design for Climate Action. Florens designed an activity capable of mapping the skills needed to face climate challenges through service design, leveraging the initiative's starting point.

Study and Program
in Student-Centered Learning (BR)

The Lemann Foundation was looking for ways to scale student-centered learning processes, using technology as an ally. Gabriela Néspoli, founder of Florens, led the research, structuring and storytelling of a study on the approach and a disruptive project aligned with it. Known as ImpulsiONar, the program connected education departments with training organizations and edtechs, reducing learning gaps for thousands of students and being recognized internationally.

CV for
Youth Leadership
of Technology (BR)

The Institute of Technology and Leadership (Inteli) is a higher education center that trains technology leaders. The institute had a challenge: to develop leadership skills through Project-Based Learning and aligned with the Computing and Business Curricula. We support colleges in developing their curriculum, offering training sessions, materials and curricular frameworks aligned with the pedagogical model. We also created a curriculum presentation document, positioning the institution as a pioneer in the development of transformative leadership.

Advocacy for Policies in Educational Technologies (BR)

How to develop public policies on educational technologies, promoting a digital transformation of
Public education? The question led our work alongside Todos pela Educação and the Coalizão Educação Já. We analyzed the local scenario and gathered experiences and recommendations to the education departments and the Federal Government in the design of public policies that drive digital transformation in education.

Mental Health Course for Educators (USA)

Educators around the world suffer from mental exhaustion. Therefore, Florens joined Edwell to collaborate with The Educador Wellness Project. Together, we developed a self-instructional course so that teachers can reflect on themselves and recognize signs of stress and burnout. With activities and practices, educators identify and act on the stress cycle, expanding their tools for self-knowledge and well-being.
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